Activities related to Graduate and post-Graduate studies

Education activities at INN aim to build a framework for supporting the synergy of research and educational activities in a cross-fertilization spirit: students are coming to INN during their undergraduate or postgraduate studies to benefit from the advanced infrastructure, cutting-edge research topics and networking provided by INN research groups while at the same time they share their enthusiasm, fresh ideas, open-ended questions and devotion to the research topics they are involved in.

Students are welcomed to join INN for implementing their academic Internship, their Diploma thesis, as well as their MSc or PhD thesis.


The mutually beneficial interaction of research and education and the high-level research results of INN students has been demonstrated by the upsurge of the interest of local industries,  which recently led to a program funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation and business partners for the financial support of doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships.


The triangle of the mutually beneficial interaction of research, education and industry.

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