From source to tap: risk assessment of organic pollutants in the drinking water cycle of Athens


Anastasia Hiskia






Industrial Scholarship Program Stavros Niarchos

The objectives of this project were (a) to provide adequate information on the presence and potential formation of selected emerging pollutants and their transformation products throughout the water supply system of EYDAP S.A. (water sources, treatment, distribution network) using state-of-the art analytical instrumentation and fully validated analytical methodologies, (b) to develop a fast and reliable analytical workflow able to simultaneously detect the presence of multiple water quality threats at the water source, using high resolution mass spectrometry, (c) to elucidate the degradation pathways and produced transformation products of selected emerging pollutants in drinking water using advanced oxidation processes (e.g. photocatalysis, sonolysis), (d) to provide a useful dataset of water quality data and register the main risks and hazards in the water supply system. Through this project the largest drinking water company of Greece, and one of the largest in Europe, acquired the knowledge and the technical guidance to identify the potential threats to water quality throughout the whole water cycle (source, treatment, distribution network), in order to develop a risk assessment system and to start implementing a Water Safety Plan (WSP), far earlier that the European Regulations require. On the other hand, NCSR “Demokritos” promoted research in the fields of suspect and non-target screening of emerging pollutants, advanced oxidation processes and testing of materials which are in contact with drinking water.

Supervisor A. Hiskia.

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