Novel RoV with Haptic Arms for Underwater Archaeological Research




Elissavet Dotsika




The Management and Implementation Authority for Research, Technological Development and Innovation Action (MIA-RTDI) / Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The enormous undersea archaeological wealth of Greece is an important aspect of the country's cultural

heritage and well-being. The particularities of the marine and undersea environment in which the marine

archaeologist must conduct field research, and the diving restrictions, impose the high cost. The use of a

robotic mechanism is extremely important, as it will add more services, safety, accuracy, efficiency and

effectiveness to the undersea archaeological research. Explicitly, we will create a new, innovative

underwater ROV (u-archaeoROV) with robotic arms that will have a maximum operational depth of 120

meters and will support the archaeological research. Additionally, the u-archaeoROV will have a

stereoscopic camera that can capture high-definition photos and videos. The use of u-archaeoROV will

extend the field of marine archaeological research and increase the accessible areas of interest. The

acquisition of the opportunity to research, discover, document and promote the cultural heritage will lead to

the economic development of all areas of the country near the marine wreckages. The project is expected

to give a significant contribution to marine environments, as the development of u-archaeoROV, although

specializing in marine archaeological research, can be exploited by other submarine industries such as

oceanographers, hydro biologists and others.

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