Using organic LED in intelligent food packaging for quality monitoring of meat products

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NSRF 2014-2020

The aim of this project is the development of intelligent packaging that provides continuous and on-line information to manufacturers and consumers regarding food quality and package integrity through the entire supply chain. To achieve that, organic photonics based on the recent technological breakthroughs in the domains of printed electronics, carbon nanotechnology, silicon photonics, and biotechnology (biosensors), will be applied offering the prospect of developing a new generation of sensors, or redesigning conventional ones. Flexible printed chemical sensors, composed of a receptor printed on top of a printed transducer, undoubtedly have the potential to revolutionize the development and production of intelligent packaging. The main goal will be the monitoring of changes in concentration of chemical species closely related to the food quality by molecular probes of optical output. The latter will be achieved through the predominant use of fluorescent probes and electroluminescent devices (OLEDs), for color-coding reading. The consortium for this research includes Floridis Co., the Agricultural University of Athens (Laboratory of Food Quality Control and Hygiene), the Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products, and  the Institute of Nanoscience & nanotechnology of NCSR “Demokritos” The role of our group in this project is the synthesis of polyaromatic compounds to be used as active layers in the OLEDs applied for the development of the new sensors.

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