INN starts 2023 with a celebration gathering and Greek customs


On January 24th 2023, INN personnel gathered at the NCSR Demokritos
central auditorium for kicking-off the New Year with a gathering full of
Greek customs and celebrations.

The INN director spoke about 2022 year highlights, which included the
international evaluation of the Institute. He then described the 5 main
research missions of INN and their impact on the Greek society and economy:

a) Digital technologies for microelectronics and microfabrication, and
the leading role of INN in the Chips Act

b) Water, environment, energy and the novel materials and processes
developed at INN for sustainability

c) Magnetic, superconducting, and quantum materials

d) Chemistry for biosciences and nanostructures

e) Cultural heritage.

The INN director highlighted the important tasks that lay ahead for
2023, and the need to start the New Year with hard work, hope and

He then called his Eminence Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogeia and
Lavreotiki to bless the New Year and the traditional St Basil pie. The
Metropolitan greeted the INN personnel, and spoke with enthusiasm about
the work done at INN, about the role of researchers as "raw models" for
young people, and his good memories from his visit at the research
center in the 70s. This visit and interaction with NCSRD researchers was
an inspiration for him to pursue graduate studies at MIT and Harvard. He
concluded with his wishes for more bright ideas and nice research
results in 2023. Presents were given to the lucky ones from INN who
found the "hidden coins" in the pie, a custom that goes back to St Basil
(3rd century) as a way to help the poor.

Following the talks a party with nice food and music from the Demokritos
band EKEFEDES gave a chance for everybody to meet, relax, enjoy and
discuss with colleagues and students. This is the second "party" of INN
after the June 2022 one following the evaluation of INN.

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