EU vs Virus Hackathon Αward for a solution in the battle against the coronavirus

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic crisis, INN had a major contribution both in the information of the general population through the media channels and the involvement in the development of innovative solutions for virus detection. INN/ NCSR “Demokritos” team was among the winners of the #EUvsVirus Hackathon competition against the novel coronavirus. INN researchers participated in the “EUvsVirus Hackathon” competition, organized by the European Commission and the European Innovation Council, on 24-26 April 2020. More than 2,000 teams from all around the world (141 countries) with about 20,000 members took part in a marathon of solutions in the battle against the coronavirus.
The winning solutions are already being promoted by the European Innovation Council for development and utilization, in order to facilitate connections with end users, such as hospitals, and provide access to investors, institutions and other bodies from across the EU that provide funding opportunities.

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