Vacuum & atmospheric pressure plasma systems, plasma processing, surface modification, nanostructuring, hierarchical surfaces


Dr. Angelos Zeniou is a post-Doc Fellow of the Plasma Group in the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of NCSR Demokritos. He is an expert in the development of new Plasma Processes and the design of new prototype plasma equipment in vacuum and atmospheric pressure. He got his degree of Electronic Engineer from the Technological Institute of PIRAEUS and his master’s degree from the University of Athens with direction of Microelectronics. His MSc thesis is titled “Nanoscale silicon plasma etching processes for fabrication of ultra-high aspect ratio silicon nanopillars/vertical nanowires”. His PhD Thesis is focused in the design and construction of new plasma reactors in vacuum and atmospheric pressure for surface modification of polymeric materials. He is working in NCSR Demokritos since 2009 in several projects and his work is mainly focused in the design and constructions of new prototype plasma equipment, the development of new plasma processes for the Plasma group and external collaborators and finally he is in charge of the plasma lab and the service and modification of the plasma DRIE systems in the lab.


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