Flexomagnetism, topological matter, magnetic systems and sensors


Physicist with postgraduate studies in solid state physics who received his PhD in 1999 from the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, of NTUA, GR. 

Research interests are experimental solid state physics and materials science and in particular: 

a) Nanostructured magnetic materials, magnetostrictive materials (thin films Terfenol – D based), hard magnetic thin films as permanent magnets, (NdFeB, SmCo, FePt), thin films of magnetic materials for sensors applications, exchange bias with the [Pt/Co]n/[FeMn or NiO]/[CoPt]n and NiFe/IrMn systems.

b) Screen printed thick magnetic films, design and patterning of MEMS, type devices, such as micromotors, microgenerators and microswitches. 

c) Amorphous magnetic systems and sensors.      

d) Magnetron sputtered coatings for space applications.

e) L10 – FePt magnetic thin films for ultrahigh recording media.

f) Galvanomagnetic phenomena in Semimetals and Topological Insulators.

g) Single crystals growth

h) Flexomagnetism, Topological Matter and Magnetism, 

i) Topological Matter and Magnetism

Participation as a member of a research team or as a coordinator in 17 research and development projects, funded by Hellenic Resources, the European Union and the USA.

Participation in more than 40 scientific conferences and research and development project meetings. 

Fulbright Scholar for the Academic Year 2019 – 2020. Iowa State University & Ames Laboratory.

DAAD Scholar for the Academic Year 2020 – 2021. HZDR, Dresden, Germany


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Ioannou-Sougleridis, V., Alafakis, S., Vouroutzis, N.Z., Mergia, K., Speliotis, A. and Skarlatos, D., Degradation of Pt-Al2O3-Ge metal oxide semiconductor structures due to Pt-Al2O3 induced reactions ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, Volume 9, Article Number: 024003, 2020 [doi]

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Filatzikioti, A, Glezos, N, Kantarelou, V, Kyriakis, A, Pilatos, G, Romanos, G, Speliotis, T and Stathopoulou, DJ, Carbon nanotube Schottky type photodetectors for UV applications Solid-State Electronics, Pergamon, Volume 151, Pages: 27–35, 2019 [doi]

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