Water treatment, wastewater treatment, microplastics, natural and synthetic pollutants in potable water


Dr Carlos Pestana holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Biology and Biomedical Science (2004-2007) from the University of Applied Science Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany and Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK, a MSc degree in Instrumental Analytical Methods – Environment (2007-2008) and a PhD in Environmental Science (2008-2012) both from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. His research interests include the following topics: Monitoring and controlling natural and synthetic pollutants in potable water, Wastewater treatment, Water quality in aqua culture, Low-carbon water purification, Conventional water treatment improvement, Low carbon and low technology solutions to water quality challenges, Tap water quality perception, Microplastics as vector for aqueous microbial toxins, Removal of pharmaceutical residues and biocidal agents from aquatic environments at source. He joined the Group of Photo- Catalytic Processes and Environmental Chemistry for two months (summer 2015) in the frame of a short scientific mission (STSM) funded by the CYANOCOST ES1105 COST Action. He investigated the degradation pathways of water taste and odor compounds (Geosmin & 2-methylisoborneol) using g-irradiation and the identification of degradation products of the oxidative and reductive pathways.


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