ZnO nanostructures and wooden artifacts


Conservator of antiquities and works of art. Master’s degree in “Museum Studies - National Kapodistrian University of Athens - Bachelor’s Degree in “Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art” Technological Educational Institution of Athens. 

Head of the laboratory of conservation of Sculpted and Polychrome Wooden Artifacts at the Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments (DCAMM) – Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Athletics. Job description: Remedial and Preventive Conservation of wooden historic artifacts and monuments, study, research, organization and supervision of conservation and preventive conservation projects

(co-funded by European Union and National resources). Supervision of conservation projects in National Museums. Presentation for approval of conservation cases to Central Councils of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Financial management of conservation projects regarding the Hellenic Cultural Heritage supported by NSRF and the Greek Public Investment Programs. Participation in the research programs, Member of Committees.

Ms Sperantza is a PhD candidate conducting her doctoral research at INN in collaboration with the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, University of West Attica. Her thesis title is “Study of ZnO nanostructures for the conservation of wood with brown rot towards applications for preservation of artifacts and monuments of cultural heritage”.

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