Porous Materials, Adsorption, Diffusion, MOFs


Christos Tampaxis obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Chemistry Department of the University of Ioannina (BSc 2007). He then moved to the Netherlands for his master’s degree in Bio-inorganic Chemistry which he received from the Chemistry Department of the University of Leiden (MSc 2010). During his studies there, he enrolled to Prof Jan Reedijk’s research group where he completed his thesis on the synthesis of coordination compounds and their applications in catalysis and DNA cleavage as anti-cancer agents, under the direct supervision of Dr Patrick Gamez. After an internship in Janssen Pharmaceutical Greece, he joined the Porous Materials Group in National Center for Scientific Reasearch “Demokritos” under the direct supervision of Dr Theodore Steriotis and Dr Georgia Charalambopoulou (2013). His research interests converge on gas sorption theory for nanoporous and nanocomposite materials. More specifically, he focuses on the extensive physicochemical characterization of a variety of materials exhibiting nanoporous structures (zeolites, activated carbons, MOFs etc) and the evaluation of their properties for gas storage/separation applications within a wide range of pressure/temperature conditions.


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