environment, climate change, toxins, pollution, biotechnology


Efstathia Karampela has been studying at the department of Chemical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) since 2016. During the 5th year of her studies she attended courses belonging to the diploma specialization area of Biotechnology and the Environment such as Environmental Biotechnology, Green Chemistry and Engineering, Biomechanics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and Industrial Biotechnology. In October 2020, she carried out her internship working on the correlation of various meteorological parameters with air pollution, utilizing data from numerous meteorological stations in the region of Attica. As part of the internship she participated in the composition of the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for the Peloponnese region. During the last year, she has been conducting her diploma thesis at the National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos” . Her research focuses on the construction of a chromatographic method to be used for hydrolyzed microcystin molecules which have been oxidized with advanced oxidation techniques (e.g. g-irradiation, photolysis). At the same time, she participates in the writing of a document on "Air Pollution and Air Anti-Pollution Technology", as part of a research project with the National Technical University of Athens.

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