BSc in Chemistry (University of Crete, 2016); MSc in Drug discovery and Medicinal Chemistry (University of Birmingham, 2017).

Currently a doctoral candidate at the Chemistry Department,  University of Athens. PhD dissertation title: Multifunctional cyclodextrin derivatives for antimicrobial applications. Experienced in cyclodextrin chemistry, synthesis of new derivatives, structural studies in solutions by NMR spectroscopy, physicochemical characterizations (pKa measurements, nanoparticle characterization) , toxicity studies in vitro.


Thomsen, Hanna, Agnes, Marco, Uwangue, Owens, Persson, Linn'ea, Mattsson, Matilda, Graf, Fabrice E, Kasimati, Eleni-Marina, Yannakopoulou, Konstantina, Ericson, Marica B and Farewell, Anne, Increased antibiotic efficacy and noninvasive monitoring of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms using per-cysteamine-substituted $gamma$-cyclodextrin–A delivery effect validated by fluorescence microscopy International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Elsevier, Volume 587, Pages: 119646, 2020 [doi]

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