Plasma etching, plasma nanotechnology, surface modification, superhydrophobicity, wetting control, microfluidics, lab on chip, micro and nano engineering


Dr Evangelos Gogolides is a Chemical Engineer from NTUA-Greece, and holds an MSc and a PhD (1990) both from MIT-USA. His thesis work was on plasma processing and simulation, and he did post-doctoral research on microlithography with Michael Hatzakis. He is presently research director at NCSR “Demokritos”. He authored more than 290 publications (h-index 52 google scholar, 8589 citations, h-index-45 scopus-6783 citations) and 12 patent families, and coordinated several research projects on Nanofabrication and Microfluidics. He has founded the plasma nanotechnology laboratory at NCSR Demokritos. Dr Gogolides is a co-founder of two spin-off companies: Nanoplasmas pc and Nanometrisis pc. His current interests include microfabrication for Life Sciences, Plasma Nanotechnology, Surface engineering for wetting and surface property control, microfluidics and Lab on Chip, nanometrology and plasma simulation and atmospheric plasma applications for food preservation. He is a board member of the iMNESociety, President of the Hellenic Micro&NanoSociety, chair of several large international conferences (MNE 1997, MNE 2008, MNE 2019, i-plasmanano 2016 etc) and editor in chief of Microelectronic Engineering (MEE), and Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) Journals of Elsevier.



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