ZnO nanostructure-based LEDs, ZnO process development


George Papageorgiou received his Diploma degree in Physics, in Solid State Physics and Condensed Matter in 2006 from the department of Physics of the University of Crete and his MSc degree on Physics of Material in 2010, from the Kapodistrian University of Athens. From 2010 until 2013, he was a member of the ‘SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND MAGNETIC OXIDES’ group. In  2015 he joined the Optical Biosensors Group as a PhD student and his area of research focuses on ZnO- based optoelectronic devices.

Among his research interests are:
1.Synthesis of complex oxides
  2.Design, fabrication, development and characterization of metal oxide nanostructure-based devices and nanoarchitectures

  1. Process flow development and process optimization for metal oxide nanostructures/nanoarchitectures compatible with mainstream micro- and nanofabrication techniques


Papageorgiou, G.P., Karydas, A.G., Papageorgiou, G., Kantarelou, V. and Makarona, E., Controlled synthesis of periodic arrays of ZnO nanostructures combining e-beam lithography and solution-based processes leveraged by micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy Micro and Nano Engineering, Volume 8, Article Number: 100063, 2020 [doi]

Botzakaki, M.A., Skoulatakis, G., Papageorgiou, G.P. and Krontiras, C.A., Interfacial Characterization and Transport Conduction Mechanisms in Al|HfO2|p-Ge Structures: Energy Band Diagram Semiconductors, Volume 54, Pages: 543-553, 2020 [doi]

Botsi, S., Tsamis, C., Chatzichristidi, M., Papageorgiou, G. and Makarona, E., Facile and cost-efficient development of PMMA-based nanocomposites with custom-made hydrothermally-synthesized ZnO nanofillers Nano-Structures and Nano-Objects, Volume 17, Pages: 7-20, 2019 [doi]

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