Dr. Georgios Pilatos graduated (1997) from the school of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. His diploma thesis was carried out in collaboration with NCSR Demokritos. From 1997 until 2007, he studied and worked as a research assistant at Mesl laboratory  in NCSR Demokritos (under contract with National and EU funded R&D projects). His experience is focused on the synthesis and characterization of activated carbons and graphitic nanostructures. In 2007 he obtained a permanent position in NCSR Demokritos as Chemical Engineer and from 2017 as Functional scientific personnel. He obtained his PhD degree (school of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens). The PhD thesis subject was “Graphitic nanostructures and composite materials for products development”. He is a co-author of 32 publications in international scientific journals.
He is currently working on the development of filters for toxic gases, membranes for gas separations, but also on the design, development and operation of experimental set-ups and pilot units for the production of activated carbon and graphitic nanostructures (carbon nanotubes and  graphenes).


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