Dr. Georgios Papavassiliou was Director of Research at the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INN) of NCSR “Demokritos” (NCSRD), from 2004 to 2021 and head of the Solid State NMR Laboratory of INN from 1996 to 2021. In year 2022 he was retired and since then is collaborating with the NMR Laboratory as  NMR  expert.

He began his scientific career at NCSRD in 1995 as a Senior Research Scientist at the former Institute of Materials Science (IMS) of NCSRD.

During his tenure at NCSRD Dr. Papavassiliou has held a wide range of important positions:

He was the Director of the IMS in 2004 – 2012 and in 2012 – 2013 Director of the Institute of Advanced Materials Physicochemical Processes Nanotechnology and Microsystems (IAMPPNM), today renamed to Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INN) of NCSRD. In 2006 – 2008 he was appointed Vice President of NCSRD and Acting President of NCSRD from June – December 2007.

He has signed four important Collaboration agreements (MoUs) with (i) The Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) (2013), (ii) The Tokyo Institute of Technology (2013), (iii) The Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi (2013), and (iv) A three-lateral collaboration agreement between INN, KBSI, and Petroleum Institute (2015).

On September 2011, he was invited as plenary speaker at the Zhongguancun Forum by the Chinese government to promote scientific collaboration between Greece and China.

His contribution in the field of experimental NMR received reputable international recognition: He served as an Elected Member of the Board of Trustees of EUROMAR (European Magnetic Resonance Society) (2010 - 2016) and of the Committee of the European AMPERE Society (NMR) (1997 - 2016) and of the Nuclear Quadrupolar Interactions (NQI) Committee (2004). He is Editor of Journal of Analytical Science and Technology (JAST) Korea (2012 – present), Academic visitor (on Sabbatical) at the Chemical Engineering Department of Khalifa University (2016-2017) and Chair of EUROMAR-2013.

From 2015 to 2018 he was the Principal Investigator for NCSRD in two major international collaboration projects:

(1) “Magnetic Nanoparticles for Reservoir Characterization” Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

(2) “Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Methodologies for 3-D Analysis of Multiphase Flow Processes in Enhanced Oil Recovery” NPRP C719S1 7-1372-2-498 by QNRF (Qatar).

From 2012-2016 he acted as coordinator of a large-scale international network for exchanging Scientists working in Spintronics and Nanotechnology, funded by European Union with 506,000 EUROs (Nanomag

His research activities are mainly focused in the development and implementation of advanced NMR methodologies in the study of functionalized nanostructured materials with emphasis in:

(i) the development of NMR Nanocrystallography, which combines NMR with DFT calculations.

(ii) the implementation of NMR on Nanoscaled Materials at the forefront of Science and Technology in the temperature range 3K-1000K.

Research on functionalized nanomaterials spans: (i) complex transition metal oxides (magnetic and superconductive materials – strong electron correlations), (ii) topological systems (topological insulators, Dirac and Weyl semimetals, (iii) 2D materials with exotic electronic properties (single layer MoS2 on Graphene and CNTs, Germanane, etc.), (iv) Contemporary Nanocatalysts (MoS2, Ni2P, nanozeolites, etc.), (v) NMR studies of nanofluidity in porous systems with emphasis in carbon nanotubes, nanozeolites, cement-based materials.

In the last five years, in the framework of ongoing international collaboration with Institutes and Companies from Middle East (UAE, Qatar), he is working intensively on (i) the development and application of nanocatalysts in the Petroleum Industry (MoS2, Ni2P, and novel substrates), (ii) the Implementation of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Reservoir Characterization (iii) the development of NMR methodologies for in-field oil reservoir applications.

His research work is summarized in:

- 131 Publications in International Peer Reviewed Journals

- 125 presentations in International Conferences, more than 30 Invited Lectures.

- Organizer/Co-organizer of 20 conferences and workshops- Supervisor of 25 PhD students, more than 10 Master students, as well as 20 Post Docs.


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