Nanoporous carbon, structure modification, water treatment, EDL capacitors, electrochemical characterization


Niki Plakantonaki successfully completed her studies as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Patras in 2017. Her dissertation entitled "Dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment of materials in modified atmosphere for food packaging" was held at the Plasma Technology Laboratory of University of Patras. Since 2018, she is a member of the Laboratory of Nanocomposites and Nanofunctional Materials of the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of NCSR "Demokritos". Since 2019, she works on the "NANOPOL" project titled “Development of novel electrochemical processes for water treatment applications using electrodes based on nanocarbon materials and conductive polymers". In the summer of 2019, she started her PhD entitled "Development of nanostructured carbon for environmental and energy applications" in collaboration with the Department of Materials Science Engineering of University of Ioannina.


Giannakopoulou, T., Todorova, N., Erotokritaki, A., Plakantonaki, N., Tsetsekou, A. and Trapalis, C., Electrochemically deposited graphene oxide thin film supercapacitors: Comparing liquid and solid electrolytes Applied Surface Science, Volume 528, Article Number: 146801, 2020 [doi]

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