Computational Modeling of Nanostructured Materials


Dr. Nikolaos Ntallis studied Physics in Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece. He continued there with his M.Sc. "Physics and Technology of Materials" and his Ph. D studies.In his PhD thesis titled ‘Computational applications of the theory of micromagnetism‘, he developed a theoretical model for the response of magnetic nanoparticles to fast- and slow-varying external fields, based on the micromagnetic theory. In order to find numerical solutions of this model he developed a code based on finite element method. The implementation of the method involved high order polynomial approximations involving the magnetization vector and the scalar magnetic potentials.  He has participated as postdoctoral fellow in the projects: 1)EXCELLENCE Project COMANA , 2)European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme MAGENTA and 3)Dynamic Phenomena of Magnetic Materials in Sweden.

His current research activity is focused on  static and dynamic properties of magnetic materials by DFT, spin dynamics and micromagnetic methods for developing materials  with targeted functionalization for applications like spintronics, information storage and biotechnology. Lately he has been working on molecular-spin dynamics coupling. Moreover he is interested in developing numerical methods and scientific computing.


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