Savvas Orfanidis began studying material science and engineering at the University of Ioannina in 2009, and my primary interests include: Expertise includes corrosion and protection, advanced composite materials, metal alloys, mechanical and electrochemical testing, and non-destructive evaluation. These objects were studied using the following subjects: Material Mechanics, Welding Technology, NDE, Corrosion & Protection, Industrial Alloys, Aluminum Technology, Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials, Ceramic Material Lab, Metallic Material Lab, Composite Material Lab, Mater Characterization Lab (XRD/DSC/IR-UV/), Mechanical Testing Lab My diploma thesis, 'Electrochemical and mechanical study of marine alloys adhesively bonded with nano-reinforced epoxy adhesives,' was completed in 2016, the year of my graduation. He worked on the research project 'Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs) for Reservoir Characterization'. with a focus on the structural and mechanical characterization of composite polymer-steel materials, as well as the construction of a laboratory oil tank simulator made of steel reinforced with composite materials, and the synthesis of ferrous nanoparticles and high density ferrofluids. He attends a number of international aerospace industry conferences. The study of the dynamic phenomena of the self-healing process using solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is the main concept of his PhD thesis.


Kosarli, M., Bekas, D.G., Tsirka, K., Baltzis, D., Vaimakis-Tsogkas, D.Τ., Orfanidis, S., Papavassiliou, G. and Paipetis, A.S., Microcapsule-based self-healing materials: Healing efficiency and toughness reduction vs. capsule size Composites Part B: Engineering, Volume 171, Pages: 78-86, 2019 [doi]

Baltzis, D., Orfanidis, S., Lekatou, A. and Paipetis, A.S., Stainless steel coupled with carbon nanotube-modified epoxy and carbon fibre composites: Electrochemical and mechanical study Plastics, Rubber and Composites, Volume 45, Pages: 95-105, 2016 [doi]

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