Water and Wastewater Treatment, Sorption, Porous Materials, Nanomaterials, Membrane Separation, Heavy Metals


Dr Sergios Papageorgiou is a Chemist Holding an MSc and a PhD degree in Oceanography, and has been a member of the Materials And Membranes for Environmental Separations Laboratory since 2002.
His research interests include the development and characterisation of nanomaterials and Lab scale evaluation of their properties, mainly in the liquid but also in the gas phase.

Α. Materials Development

• Activated Carbon
• Organised mesoporous materials mainly silica based (SBA-15) and doped Silicas
• Porous Silicon Carbide (SiC)
• Functionalised Titanium oxide for photocatalytic applications
• Carbon Nanostructures (Nanotubes, Nanodisks, Graphene Oxide)
• Inorganic Layered materials
• Metallic nanoparticles prepared with the Pechini method (Polyol Process)
• Porous polymer materials by means of supercritical Carbon Dioxide
• Hybrid materials by modification of inorganic particles and carbon nanostructures, carbon nanotubes development on inorganic substrates etc.
• Nanocomposite materials. (polymer/clays composites, polymer/carbon-based fillers)
• Ceramic membranes
• Polymeric Hollow fiber membranes

B. Material Characterisation

Variety of characterisation methods such as SEM, TEM, AFM, spectroscopic techniques (FTIR ), thermal methods (TGA, DSC), chromatography (Ionic, HPLC) Atomic adsorption (Flame, Furnace, ICP ). Structural characterisation of advanced nanostructured materials by means of:
a) static (batch) techniques (isothermal adsorption, biosorption etc) for the determination of their sorption properties.
b) Dynamic techniques (breakthrough curves, selectivity experiments) for the determination of the dynamic behaviour of materials in various applications.

Γ. Evaluation of materials in various processes
Evaluation of the efficiency of nanomaterials in environmental applications such as:
(ι) adsorption, such as heavy metals and organic pollutants removal from wastewaters, carbon dioxide storage etc.
(ιι) Membrane separations for liquid (wastewater treatment) and gas ( gas mixtures separations)
(ιιι) Catalytic (deNOx, CH4 oxidation, HC reforming) and photocatalytic applications (organic pollutants elimination, water treatment, CO2 conversion etc).
with the combination of experimental and theoretical tools, parameters such as temperature, mixture composition, pH, ionic strength can be studied, their role in a process can be determined and they can be optimised in order to achieve increased process efficiency and predict the materials behaviour in a given application under different conditions.


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