PlasmaForNano: Plasma group leads an institute wide project of infrastructure from HFRI and international equipment procurement bid


February 1, 2022

PlasmaForNano is a large infrastructure project (1.5MEuro) lead by the plasma group, which was recently accepted by HFRI. The project entails the acquisition of state-of-the-art Plasma Etching Equipment with Atomic Layer Etching precision, as well as state of the art electron-beam and thermal evaporation of metals and organic polymers. The procurement of the equipment will take place via an international bid, while the clean room facility will be expanded to accommodate this modern equipment. Almost 20 researchers of INN participate as co-PIs in the proposal, leading small demonstrator projects to be enabled by the infrastructure for nanoelectronic, photonic, (bio)sensing, microfluidic, quantum or device fabrication.

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