Safety Tests: explosivity, ignition, flammability and oxidativeness of liquids and solids, oxygen index of polymers

Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials


George Vekinis




We offer a variety of safety tests for liquids and solids, according to the UN Manual of Tests and Procedures as well as the EC regulation 440 (2008) and the REACH regulations, based on various ASTM and ISO test methods. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Combustibility of liquids and solids in an explosive chamber
  2. Flammability of liquids: flash point, closer or open cup, (ISO 2719 ASTM D93 and D92),
  3. Ignitability of plastics or paper/card using small vertical flame (ISO 11925-2)
  4. Flammability of plastics or cardboard, horizontal test (ASTM D635)
  5. Oxidativeness of liquids, UN Manual T&C Part III
  6. Sustainability of combustion of liquids, UN Manual T&C Part III
  7. Auto-ignition of liquids, ASTM E659
  8. Auto-ignition of solids, UN Manual T&C Part III, Division 4.2, Section Test N.4
  9. Flammability of solids, UN Manual T&C Part III, Division 4.1
  10. Minimum Ignition Energy of solid organic powders, ASTM E2019
  11. Critical radiant flux of floor coverings using a radiant source, ASTM E648, NFPA 253
  12. Oxygen index of polymers and paper, ASTM E2863
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