Corrosion and oxidation tests of materials and products, galvanometry

Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials


George Vekinis




We offer a range of oxidation and corrosion tests for all materials in a wide range of environments, including:

  1. Potentiostatic and galvanostatic tests using Pt electrodes (ISO 17475 or ASTM G5)
  2. Salt fog corrosion of metals (ASTM B117 or ISO 9227)
  3. Stress corrosion of metals using Proof Rings (ASTM D1384, NACE TM 0177)
  4. Pitting corrosion tests (ASTM G48)
  5. Corrosion residue measurement (ASTM E1235)
  6. Corrosivity of liquids against steel and aluminium alloys (UN Manual or Tests and Procedures: Section 37. 4 «Classification procedures, test methods and criteria relating to substances of Class 8” in Part III)
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