Photocatalytic removal of NOx

Nanofunctional and Nanocomposite Materials Laboratory


Christos Trapalis




The removal of NOx gaseous pollutants is carried out with a process based on the international standard ISO 22197-1:2016 "Test method for air-purification performance of semiconducting photocatalytic materials - Part 1: Removal of nitric oxide".

According to the standard, NO gas is adsorbed on the surface of the photocatalyst and after irradiation is oxidized to NO2 gas. The latter is then oxidized to NO3 which remains on the photocatalyst or is removed from its surface in the form of nitric acid or nitrate.

The experimental setup shown in Figure 1 is used to record the NO, NO2 concentrations and their sum NOx.

Experimental setup for the evaluation of photocatalytic activity during the NOx removal process.
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