Plasma etching of silicon or polymers, and plasma surface modification with vacuum or atmospheric plasma

Plasma Group


Evangelos Gogolides




Our plasma etching laboratory has been recognized by NCSR “Demokritos” as a servicing laboratory and offers services of deep Silicon etching, deep polymer etching, and surface modification or cleaning with vacuum plasmas. The plasma group uses 3 high density plasma inductively coupled etching reactors, as described in the facilities of the group. The facilities are available either directly through the group or also through the innovation-el portal. In addition to etching, surfaces can be hydrophobized using a plasma deposited fluorocarbon film. A price list is available upon request.

In addition to vacuum plasma processing the group also uses atmospheric pressure plasma processing for surface cleaning, decontamination, adhesion promotion, etc., as well as liquid treatment, such as production of activated water. Small R&D projects can be accommodated for specific application.

Details and specifications for our facilities can be found in the plasma group facilities page.

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