Synthesis and characterization of Nanostructured materials

Advanced EPR Methods and Electron Spin Dynamics  in Molecular and Nano-scale Materials


George Mitrikas




The activity focuses on the design, development and characterization of advanced nanostructured materials for solving basic research problems and applications in the fields of energy, health and environment. This includes the study of transition metal complexes (catalysis, drugs), magnetic nanoparticles (hyperthermia, MRI contrast agents), as well as molecular magnets and paramagnetic molecules (qubits: quantum bits) for applications in quantum computers. The service concerns measurements with analytical techniques as well as complete studies with a combination of methods. The fabrication and characterization of composite nanostructured materials based on SiO2 nanocages is a new service provided to companies developing MEMS technologies that is directly compatible with the basic research in the field of materials for applications in quantum computers.

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