Thermodynamic properties of materials and products (conductivity, expansion, capacity)

Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials


George Vekinis




We offer a wide range of services for measuring thermodynamic properties of materials and products, including thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity.

Tests are carried out with the following facilities, all of which are based on various ISO or ASTM standards:

1) Thermal conductivity of ceramics and polymers to 700C, various standards

2) Thermal conductivity of thin metal sheets or heat-bridging materials (ASTM D5470)

3) Thermal conductivity of insulating materials (foams, panels, particle-boards etc) according to the guarded hot plate method (ISO 8302 and ASTM C177)

4) Thermal conductivity of leather, cardboard, thin polymers and similar materials (ASTM D7340)

5) Heat capacity using a bomb calorimeter (ISO 1928 or ASTM D240)

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