Dr. Panagiotis Dimitrakis



Vasilios Ioannou-Sougleridis


DC/AC Electrical Measurements
Electrical characterization of materials (conductors, semiconductors, insulators), devices (resistors, capacitors,inductors, diodes and transistors), circuits and systems(MEMS, NEMS) at low and high temperatures.

2 x 4-inch wafer-level manual probe stations equipped with 4 sharp needle-tipped probes for room-temperature measurements. 4-probe JANIS ST-500-2-(4CX, 6-380K) and VPF 800 (77-800K) cryostat for characterization in the 6 to 800K range (sample size: from 4-inch wafer to 1cm2). Testing of packaged devices is also supported. Available tools are listed below.

(1) HP 4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer with HP41501B SMU & Pulse Expander

Applications: DC or Pulse mode electrical measurements, real-time plotting, and analysis with high precision and pico-amp to amp resolution

Specifications: Current:1 pA-100 mA, Voltage: 1 mV-40 V, Fully automated I-V sweep measurements with DC or Pulse Mode (4 SMUs), Synchronized stress/measure function, Time domain measurement: 1 μs-variable intervals up to 10,001 points, Automatic analysis functions

(2) Keithley 4200 SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyser

Applications: DC and pulse device characterization, real-time plotting, and analysis with high precision and sub-fem to amp resolution

Specifications: (a) 2 I-V medium power Source Measure Unit (SMU) with ±210 V/1 A modules and 0.2 μV, 100 fA measure resolution, (b) Pulsed I-V Ultra-fast Pulse Measure Unit (PMU): ±40 V (80 V p-p), ±800 mA, 200 MSa/sec, 5 ns sampling rate, 20 ns programmable pulse width (c) 2 Remote Preamplifier/Switch Module (RPM) with automatic switch between I-V /pulsed I-V

(3) HP 4192LF Impedance Analyzer 5Hz –13MHz

Applications: Impedance / Admittance spectroscopy measurements. Coil Inductance measurement. MIS capacitor characterization (C-V-f, Conductance measurements)

Specifications: (a)Measuring signal:Frequency range: 5Hz to 13MHz,Frequency step: 0.001Hz (5Hz to 10kHz), 0.01Hz (10kHz to100kHz), 0.1Hz, (100kHz to 1MHz), 1Hz (1MHz to 13 MHz), Frequency accuracy: ±50ppm. (b)Measurement Range:|Z|, R, X: 1.0000 Ω to 1.000 MΩ, 0.15%, |Y|, G, B: 10.000 μS to10.00 S, 0.15%, C: 0.1 fF to 199 mF, 0.15%. L : 0.01 nH to 1000 H, 0.27%. (c)Voltage range: -35V to +35V, 0.5%, 10mV step (Int.DC bias)

(4) Keithley 195 Digital Multimeter

Applications: DC Voltage drop, AC and DC current measurements and resistance evaluation

Specifications: (a) 100 nV to 1000 V range, (b) 100 μOhm to 20 MOhm resistance range(c) 1 nA to 2 A AC current measurement range and 100 pA to 2 A DC current measurement range

(5) Keithley 230 Programmable Voltage Source

Applications: DC and pulse device characterization

Specifications: (a) 100 mV to 100 V voltage range, (b) ±2 mA, ±20 mA, ±100 mA programmable current limit, (c) minimum pulse width 10 ms and response time <3 ms

(6) Keithley 6220 Precision Current Source

Applications: Low DC currentsource

Specifications: (a) 2 nA to 100 mA current range, (b) 100 mV to 100 V voltage limit with 10 mV step, (c) settling time 100 μs

(7) HP 4284A Precision LCR Meter

Applications: Capacitance / Inductance measurements

Specifications: (a) 20Hz to 1MHz testfrequency range, (b) 0.01 fF to 9.9 Fcapacitance range, (c) 0.01 nS to 99.9 Sconductance range, (d) 0.01 nH to 99.9 kHinductance range, (e) 0 to 40 V DC bias range, (f) 0 to 1 V AC bias range

(8) 2x HP 4140B Picoamperometer

Applications: DC electrical measurements

Specifications: (a) 0 to 100 V voltage range, (b) 1 pA to 10 mA currentrange, (c) 20 ms to 160 ms integration time (short), (d) two separate voltage sources

(9) HP 8110A 150 MHz Pulse Generator

Applications: AC electrical measurements. Write/Erase endurance testing on memory devices.

Specifications: Signal type: Single or dual channel pulse pattern generator. Data capabilities: 150 Mb/s, RZ/NRZ, 4 kb data with variable pulse parameters. BNC outputs.Timing Characteristics: Frequency range: 1 mHz to 150 MHz, Timing resolution 3 digits, 10 ps best case, Period range: 6.65 ns to 999 ms, Width range: 3.30 ns to (period –3.3 ns), maximum 999 ms, Double pulse delay range: (width + 1.5 ns) to (period -width -1.5 ns), Transition time range (10/90):2.00 ns to 200 ms, Accuracy: ± 5% ± 250 ps, Pulse height: ± 10 V.

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