AS-ONE, Anneal Sys



Vassilis Vamvakas


RTP /Rapid Thermal Processing

AS-ONE, Anneal Sys

Exposition to high temperatures for short periods of time of semiconductor substrates or other materials. RTP is commonly referred to as (1) Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) or (2) Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO) in case processing is done under (1) vacuum, neutral (N2, Ar) or forming gas (H2N2) ambient, or (2) oxidizing (e.g., O2) atmosphere. RTP is typically used to repair lattice damage after ion implantation and activate the implanted dopants while minimizing their diffusion, to densify deposited materials, to form ohmic contact alloys, to grow SiO2 films, etc.

Technical Specifications
•System type/ Exposure Stainless steel cold wall chamber/ 12 infrared halogen lamp furnace
•Temperature control Optical pyrometer(400oC -1300oC)
•Operating temperature 400oC–1250oC
•Maximum Heating Time120min < 800oC, 60min@900oC,12min@1000oC, 7min@1100oC, 5min@1200oC, 3min@1250oC
•Temperature Ramp Up –Ramp Down
RU: from200oC/s, RD: 100oC/s
•Temperature Control Accuracy± 2oC
•Pressure Atmospheric or Vacuum with or without gas flow
•Gasses (flow rates)O2(0 –2000sccm), N2(0 –2000sccm)
•Sample dimensions From 4 ́ ́wafer down to 1 cm 2square samples
•Operating environment Clean-room ISO 6 (Class 1000)

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