Co-60 Underwater Irradiator



Dr George Mitrikas


Co-60 Underwater Irradiator

Eight Co-60 rods stored and operating in a water pool.

The source is used for gamma irradiation of samples in order to create paramagnetic defects and to study the structure of materials such as glasses and organic crystals. It is also used to trap atomic hydrogen in SiO2 nanocages by radiolysis of the CH3 groups present in these materials. The sample (in the form of a fine powder or solution) is introduced into glass vials which are sealed airtight with parafilm and insulating tape. They are then placed in a sample carrier that sinks into the water tank atthe bottom of which is the Co-60 rod.

Technical Specifications
Radioactivity: 35200MBq (each rod).
Dose rate at calibrated spot: 10 kGy/day

Additional Tools
UV-VIS spectrometer for estimation of accumulated dose using polymer Red Perspex Dosimeters,Type 4034 AD.

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