DCA MBE System

MBE /Molecular Beam Epitaxy


Dr. Athanasios Dimoulas



MBE/Molecular Beam Epitaxy

DCA MBE System

Epitaxial growth 

Technical Specifications 
MBE system by DCA, consisting of: 

  • a vertical chamber 
  • a 3-axis manipulator (1000°C) 
  • a mass spectrometer (residual gas analyzer) 
  • two high temperature (~2000°C) effusion cells 
  • One cracker cell for Te evaporation 
  • One Al cell 
  • two e-gun evaporators for refractory metal evaporation 
  • a remote RF plasma source for plasma-assisted epitaxy/deposition of oxides and nitrides 

Additional Tools 

The MBE system is coupled to a SPECS Photoelectron Spectroscopy system for ARPES, UPS and XPS measurements and to an Omicron STM system, while its main chamber is complemented by Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) for the in-situ, real-time monitoring of the grown surfaces. 

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