Hy Energy

Hy Energy


Dr Theodoros Steriotis



High Pressure Gas sorption analyzer

HyEnergy, PctPro-2000 (Setaram)

Gas storage, Gas separations, Study of gas solid interactions
PCT Isotherms
Sorption Kinetics
Adsorption/Desorption Cycling, PCT and Kinetics

Technical Specifications
Static, manometric measurement type
Gases: H2, CO2, CH4, Ethylene, Propane, any permanent gas
Pressure range: 0.001 -200bar
Temperature range: 77 –673K
Pressure transducers: (1) 1x vacuum to 200 bar / Accuracy: 1% of the reading, (2) 1x vacuum to 5 bar /
Accuracy: 1% of the readingIn situ outgassing (<10-6mbar)
Dosing range: 0.3 micro-mole to 10 moles of gas

Additional Tools
MicroDoser: Option for very small samples down to milligrams (up to 25 bar)
Argon filled glove box (MBraun) for handling and transferring air sensitive samples

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