Permeability Selectivity

Permeability Selectivity


Dr George Romanos


Gas permeability / selectivity

Homemade, all stainless steel, gas permeability / selectivity apparatus

Diffusivity, activation energy, permeability, selectivity of gases through porous and non-porous (polymeric, liquid) membranes. Catalytic performance of membrane contactors and membrane reactors

Technical Specifications
Operation modes: (1) Isobaric counter current diffusion. (2) Cross flow permeability/selectivity. (3) Dead-end permeability (pressure drop under constant flow). (4) Relative permeability (gas, vapor/pre-adsorbed vapor). (5) Membrane contactor and membrane reactor.
Gases: Single phase and binary/tertiary mixturesof all permanent gases and vapors.
Sweep gases: Usually He, Ar, N2
Pressures: 1-60 bar
Differential pressures: 0-10 bar
Temperature: From ambient to 300oC
Diffusivities: 10-5to 10-11cm2/sec
Permeance: 10-8to 10-14 mol/m2/sec/Pa
Membrane conformation: Flat discs, films, tubular and multi-channel monoliths, hollow fibers
Membrane surface area: Depends on the permeation characteristics. Usual range from 2 to 500 cm2

Additional Tools
Membrane modules. Cryostat with circulation pump and special membrane modules for measurements below ambient temperature (0-25oC), Cryostat bath for relative permeability measurement at low relative pressures. High sensitivity specific gas analysers (CO2, O2, SO2, H2S) for highly dense-lowpermeance membranes

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