SUSS MicroTec MA6/BA6 and MJB3



Vassilis Vamvakas


PLG / Photolithography

(1) SÜSS MicroTec MA6/BA6&(2) KARL SÜSS MJB3 Mask Aligners

Pattern transfer of a photomask to a UV light-sensitive material (photoresist) deposited onto rigid or flexible substrates. UV exposure is performed using a Mask Aligner that allows high precision mask-to-sample alignment. Dissolution of the exposed (positive tone photoresist) or unexposed (negative tone) regions of the photoresist results in the engraving of the mask pattern or its reverse into the photoresist. Photoresist patterning is widely used for the development of Microelectronic / Photonic devices and Microsystems.

Technical Specifications
•Source / Exposure wavelength UV light / MA6: 320 nm, MJB3: 365 nm
•Pattern ResolutionMA6: 0.8 μm (vacuum contact)MJB3: ~ 1 μm
•Alignment mode & accuracy Top & Back (MA6) and top (MJB3) side alignment MA6: ± 0.5 μm (top side mode) / ~ 1 μm (back side mode). MJB3: ± 2 μm
•Sample size MA6: 3” & 4” wafers (4” & 5” masks) MJB3: From 2x2cm2pieces to wafers up to 3” (4” mask)
•Exposure mode MA6: Hard / soft / vacuum contact, MJB3: Hard / soft contact.
•Operating environment Clean Room ISO-6 (Class 1000)

Additional Tools
Karl Süss RC8 & Headway EC 101D spin-coaters, High-precision hotplate (ATV).

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