TA Instruments 2920 Modulated DSC

Thermal analysis 04


Dr. Kyriaki Papadokostaki



Temperature Modulated DSC

TA Instruments 2920 DSC

Identification of glass transition temperatures, melting, crystallization,phase changes, curing reactions.
Determination of heat of fusion,degree of crystallinityand heat capacity.
Temperature Modulated DSC offers all the benefits of standard DSC and provides further information because it can separate overlapping events (for example, glass transition temperature and relaxation phenomena) that are difficult to do by standard DSC.

Technical Specifications
Temperature range: –50 to 600 oC (withrefrigerated cooling system)
Sample environment: gas flow
Sample size: 2-10 mg in the form of powder, film or liquid
Analysis Software: TA Universal Analysis

Additional Tools
Quench cooling canfor cooling samples down to –180 oC

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