Themal Desorption Spectroscopy

Themal Desorption Spectroscopy


Dr Theodoros Steriotis


Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy

Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy / Mass Spectroscopy apparatus

Temperature programmed desorption of different species
Desorption activation energies by applying different heating ramp rates
Hydrogen trapping in metals
The apparatus can be easily used for (e.g. packed bed) breakthrough experiments

Technical Specifications
3 x Mass Flow Controllers (1 x 100 ml/min, 2 x 10 or 30 ml/min)
1 x Back Pressure Regulator (0-20 bar)
Different Quartz Reactors (ID 40mm is the largest)
Pressures: 1-20 bar
Temperatures: Ambient to 800oC
Samples can be outgassed under vacuum (< 10-6 mbar) or inertgas flow
Samples can be pre-equilibrated with different gases

Additional Tools
Different Quartz Reactors (ID 40mm is the largest) Special cells for packed beds (200 mg to 200 g)

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