Aggregation-Induced Emission in the NIR Region

Aggregation Induced Emission (AIE) by simple molecules and especially the NIR emission is of high novelty, with a wide range of applications in photodynamic therapy and bio-imaging. In the course of this activity we inspect photophysical/photochemical aspects associated with the  aggregated state of some BODIPY molecules in aqueous solution.  We observe interesting NIR emission bands due to the type of molecular packing in aggregates. We are currently working to correlate the intense NIR emission of Bodipys accompanied with a large-Stokes’ shift with the type of aggregation.

SEM image of BODIPY microcrystals formed in aqueous solution

Fluorescence spectra of an aqueous solution of BODIPY as a function of irradiation time (10-60 sec) with white OLED 1 mW
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