Combustion Synthesis of functional nano-structured materials

Synthesis of micro- and nano-structured materials is carried out using Combustion Synthesis of reactive powder mixtures (SHS) or appropriate solutions of reactants (SCS).

Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) { (Image 1) is used for producing novel high-temperature refractories based on spinel or mixed oxides {insert figure refractory.jpg} as well as many different catalysts for oxidation of methane, soot and CO (Image 2) and others.

Solution Combustion Synthesis (SCS) has also been developed for the production of active catalytic nano-structured materials for reforming of methane by CO2 (Image 3) , for hydrogenation and others.

The structural development during synthesis of SCS nanocatalysts with a hierarchical structure is being studied by considering structural changes in nickel nitrate solution, formation of hydrates and the kinetics of transformations during Solution Combustion Synthesis (SCS), analysis of the catalyst’s structure (Image 4)

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