Industrial Research

We carry out extensive Technology and Know-How Transfer activities via various industrial projects under service contracts with European or Greek industries including ArianeGroup (ex Astrium/Airbus, France), TESLA, KORRES, 3E, ROKA Refractories, ESI (AramCo) and many others.

A notable Technology Transfer activity is the development of an industial-level High-Flux sensor ReGS-HF for high-flux (>20MW/m2) thermal protection systems for atmospheric entry of space capsules. This is based on the research carried out for the development of the ReGS sensor (see Activity01) and has been requested by Ariane (France). It is expected that the new sensors will be used in a planned ESA/EU 2022 space mission for testing novel space-capsule re-entry systems by Ariane and collaborators (delayed from 2021 due to Covid-19) (Image 1).

Very extensive know-how transfer activities are also being carried out with more than 50 industrial collaborators in Greece and the rest of Europe. These include development and optimisation of mechanical and thermal properties of materials and products, improvement of fire-safety characteristics of chemicals and solids and many other activities.

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