Optical immunosensors

In the biosensing domain, the POLYSENS group focuses on the design, realization and evaluation of sensing devices and systems for application in the a) quantitative determination of harmful substances in food and b) quantitative determination of critical for the human health biomarkers.

In both applications areas, we exploit the WLRS sensing platform that allows for the label-free determination of the concentration of biomolecules and the monitoring of the related bioreactions. By using the developed sensing chips and readers, a) a wide range of pesticides, mycotoxins and allergens has been quantitively determined in various food matrices and b) the biomarkers set that is associated by clinical doctors with sepsis, is determined in a short time aiming at Point-of-Need implementation.

Schematic of MARS set-up for reflectance spectrum acquisition from chips with 2 SiO2 areas of different thickness.

Image of the MARS chip with the two sensing areas under the reflection probe.

Schematic of the dual-analyte immunoassay steps

Real-time response corresponding to zero calibrator of AFB1 (red line) and FB1 (black line) obtained from a dual-analyte chip

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