cw EPR

Continuous wave Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

X-band EPR.

-Upgraded Bruker ER-200D spectrometer equipped with an Oxford ESR 9000 cryostat, an Anritsu MF76A frequency counter, and a Bruker 035M NMR Gaussmeter. 

Cavities:   4102ST (perpendicular mode), 4116 DM (dual mode).

-Temperature range:  4.2 - 300 K.

Q-band EPR.

A home-assembled spectrometer equipped with an ER 5106 QT Bruker resonator and an Anritsu MF76A frequency counter. 

-Temperature range:  4.2 - 300 K.

Application of EPR spectroscopy at more than one frequencies (X- and Q-bands) is necessary to determine the role of specific factors and determine more accurately the parameters (e. g. g-anisotropy).

Dual mode X-Band EPR is appropriate for cases like integer spin systems with large zero field splitting and isolated non Kramer's doublets, S>1/2 systems with small zero field splitting (<0.3 cm-1), pairs of spins with dipolar interactions and S = 1/2 systems exhibiting strong hyperfine interactions with nuclei with I≠0.

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