Development of holistic methodology for verification of authenticity, quality improvement of traditional products for the consumer’s protection from fraud or adulteration.




Elissavet Dotsika






The Management and Implementation Authority for Research, Technological Development and Innovation Action (MIA-RTDI) / Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The present research proposal intents to develop an innovative method of verifiable identification of

authenticity / adulteration of wine products (wine, wine vinegar, organic vinegar, molasses) and distillates

(tsipouro). The production of improved wine distillates and wine derivatives of increased added value will

enable the consumer feeling of safety for the quality of the product and its accompanying characteristics.

In this framework, the scopes of the present work are:

• The creation and development of a novel multi- isotopic methodology in order to prove the


or/and falsification, the tracing of the raw materials and the quality verification of the wine distillates and

wine derivatives by the creation of a National database.

• The complete mapping of the atomic and metabolomic profile of Greek wine products and

distillates of

N. Greece, which will undoubtedly verify their authenticity, directly related to the quality and possible falsity

through a) the identification of the LC-qToF-MS metabolite through targeted and non- targeted analysis

and appropriate chemometry; b) inorganic components (including alkaline earth) with ICP-MS; and c)

determination of volatile components with GC-MS.

• To establish a comparative advantage based on differentiation resulting from the production of new

improved wine distillates and wine derivatives of increased added value and the protection of the

consumers from all forms of fraud.

Specifically, the expected results are:

1. new improved products, with certified quality and origin

2. A Databank of selected samples of Greek wine distillates and derivatives.

3.A database of isotopic and phasmatoscopic data comprised of a variety of parameters and

metabolomic indicators of Greek tsipouro and vinegar

4. A fully integrated control methodology

5. The adaptation of new competitive methods from the state for verification of the authenticity of


6. Development of the economy and combating the underground commerce

7. Dissemination of the results

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