New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to Ancient Material Studies – NARNIA

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Vassilis Kilikoglou






NARNIA was an interdisciplinary project, aiming to provide young researchers with the means to conduct research on the material culture of the ancient eastern Mediterranean and to develop their analytical skills through a series of research and training activities. NARNIA had a four-year lifespan and was funded by the FP7 and the European Union (Grant agreement no.: 265010). This was the largest project to receive funding from the European Commission in the fields of archaeology and archaeological sciences, with a budget over 4.5 million Euros and 20 recruited research fellows.

NARNIA was envisaged and realised on the basis that the most comprehensive archaeological studies are those which combine traditional methods of typological and stylistic classification with analytical techniques deriving from the natural and digital sciences, and that the relationship between fieldwork and laboratory is a critical factor for the successful completion of any project. Therefore, NARNIA developed a group of new generation scholars, who understand the complexities of interdisciplinary projects, and may integrate in their research differing techniques and methodological approaches for a holistic study of ancient material culture, enhancing our knowledge on different aspects of the history and archaeology of the eastern Mediterranean.

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