e-beam lithography


George Papageorgiou was born in Athens in 1978. He received his BSc in physics in 1999 (Queen Mary University of London) and his PhD in physics in 2004 (Royal Holloway, University of London). During his PhD research he acquired experience in low temperature experimental practices (Millikelvin Laboratory, London) and micro-/nano- fabrication processes (C.E.A, Paris). Results from an experimental investigation assessing the feasibility of entrapment, confinement and control of small numbers of two-dimensional electrons above the surface of liquid helium, in quantum wells at temperatures down to 150mK, were presented in his thesis, entitled “Counting Electrons on Helium with a Single Electron Tunneling Transistor”. Pinned electrons on helium have the potential for becoming physical implementations of quantum bits, as suggested by theorists Platzman and Dykman in Science, in 1999.

In 2014 he was employed by the National Research Center "Demokritos" and became member of staff (Functional Scientific Personnel) in 2018. He is currently responsible for the operation of the high resolution electron beam lithography (EBL) system Raith EBPG-5000+, which is installed at the Nanotechnology and Microsystems Laboratory (NML) of the Institute of Nanosciences and Nanotechology (INN). His work is focused on the realisation of lithographic process requests using EBL, in conjunction with associated clean room pattern transfer processes. He has co-authored 14 journal publications with over 200 citations.


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