Irene M. Mavridis obtained the Degree of Chemistry from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. After a short stay in NRC “Demokritos”, as a post-graduate student (with Dr C. Zioudrou on asymmetric synthesis), she enrolled in the graduate program of Michigan State University USA, where she earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry (1975, Prof. Alexander Tulinsky). Thesis title “Structure Determination of 2-keto-3-deoxy-6-Phosphogluconate Aldolase (Pseudomonas Putida) at 3.5A Resolution”. In 1976, she joined the Institute of Physical Chemistry of NCSR “Demokritos” (NCSRD). During the years 1976, 1978, 1979-1980 and 1987 she has been a visiting researcher at Michigan State University for time periods of 3-12 months. She directed the Laboratory of Structural and Supramolecular Chemistry from 1995 till her retirement in 2011. Research interests: molecular structure determination by X-ray crystallography; organization and structure-function relations of cyclodextrins and their inclusion complexes, as well as photochromism/thermochromism of Schiff bases; structural determination of biological macromolecules.

I. M. Mavridis was in charge of the Laboratory of Macromolecular Crystallography in NCSRD since its establishment in 1998 and Chair of the Hellenic Crystallographic Association for several terms. She has co-organized several international conferences, workshops and schools and has served in numerous scientific committees in Greece and in other European countries. Moreover, she has served as a PI or collaborator in numerous research projects and networks.

I. M. Mavridis  has authored and co-authored 116 articles in international refereed journals (of which 6 are book chapters), five patents and has presented her research in more than 120 international conferences. Number of citations, 4375 (Google Scholar).


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