Superhydrophobic surfaces, Interfacial phenomena, Plasma processing, Microfluidics


Dr. Kosmas Ellinas received his BSc in Physics and his MSc in Microelectronics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, in collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”. His scientific activities are focused in surface modification using micro and nanotechnology, and specifically polymer micro-nanotexturing using various technologies. The purpose is to control their wetting properties in order to create novel “smart” material surfaces with improved functionality (i.e. anti-adhesion, liquid separation, self-clearing properties, etc.). His PhD thesis was selected as the best PhD Thesis for the years 2014-2015 in applied sciences, at National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos. In 2017, he started to collaborate with BIC ( on optimizing the razor blade performance under a fellowship co-funded by BIC and Stavros Niarchos foundation. In 2019 he was the third runner up of the Young Investigator Award 2019 of Microelectronic Engineering and Micro and Nano Engineering Journals and acquired a second scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) for research related to functional coatings (grade 96.75/100, top 5%).

He has participated in 7 research projects with National, European as well as private funding (BIC) and he is one of the co-founders of the spin-out company called NANOPLASMAS P.C. which was founded in 2016.

Research profile metrics

• Number of Publications: Total: 31 + 5 under preparation (Peer-reviewed journal publications 25 + 4 under preparation + 2 Book chapters (invited) + 4 indexed conference proceedings).

• Number of Conference presentations: 36

• Number of Citations: 984 (898 citations since 2015).

• h-index: 14 (Google scholar)

• Patents: 2+2 under preparation

• Funding: >320k Euros (2017-2020), 150k Euros Equity investment Nanoplasmas, Fellowships: 109 k Euros, Prices 8.5k Euros, Research contracts: 52k Euros

• Google scholar profile:• Scopus profile:




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Kourmpetis, I., Kastania, A.S., Ellinas, K., Tsougeni, K., Baca, M., De Malsche, W. and Gogolides, E., Gradient-temperature hot-embossing for dense micropillar array fabrication on thick cyclo-olefin polymeric plates: An example of a microfluidic chromatography column fabrication Micro and Nano Engineering, Volume 5, Article Number: 100042, 2019 [doi]

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Kavousanakis, M.E., Chamakos, N.T., Ellinas, K., Tserepi, A., Gogolides, E. and Papathanasiou, A.G., How to Achieve Reversible Electrowetting on Superhydrophobic Surfaces Langmuir, Volume 34, Pages: 4173-4179, 2018 [doi]

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