Dr. M. Arfanis is a physicist, holding a Msc in Materials Science and Technology. His research during his phD studies (defended at 2018) focused on the synthesis and the characterization of TiO2 photocatalytic nanomaterials of nanotube, inverse opal and core-cell structures and their evaluation against target contaminants in water.  Till now, Dr. Arfanis is working on alternative nanostructured metal oxide photocatalysts, such as ferrites, vanadate or tungsten oxides, and he is examining their photodegradation ability against contaminants of emerging concern, such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals. In parallel, he is involved in the design and construction of an innovative hybrid photocatalytic membrane reactor, able to recycle up to 15 m3 per day. He is also significantly experienced in SEM, AFM microscopy, Raman, UV/vis, and EDX spectroscopy, XRD techniques and contact angle measurements. His interests in materials science have gained great impact in the study of inorganic/inorganic perovskites and zeolites structural properties with Raman vibrational spectroscopy..


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