Technology of historic mortars, architecture, built heritage, historic buildings, archaeometry


Milica has obtained her BA and MA degrees in Architecture at the University of Belgrade. In 2022, she finished her Advanced Master’s studies in the field of Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Structures.

Currently, Milica is PhD candidate, holding an MSCA-ITN ESR fellowship ( Her research targets the technological changes of mortars in the south-eastern Mediterranean area, focusing on the Dodecanese islands and Crete. It is anticipated that the detailed study of traditional mortar technologies can provide valuable knowledge of the design and materials used, which if adopted in modern production, may contribute towards sustainability. Therefore, the overall objective of her research is to understand the main cultural interactions and their impact on architecture, especially on the technological development of mortars. Through comparative studies and assessment, it will be possible to trace the evolution of building techniques and technological solutions expressed in the mortars’ composition and physicochemical properties. The systematic study of mortars will provide a deeper insight into how the change of civilizations in this territory altered mortar composition, the modification of their performance properties, and the motivation behind it.


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