Memristor, RRAM, neuromorphic, nonvolatile memories, Graphene, noise, Quantum Dots


Dr Panagiotis Dimitrakis graduated the Physics Department of the University of Athens (BSc 1995, MSc 1998) and received his PhD degree in the field of nanocrystal memories in 2006 from the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He has been employed in several national,  bilateral and competitive EU projects as research scientist. Dr Dimitrakis has long experience in process design and device fabrication for logic and memory applications on bulk Si and SOI substrates. He has been involved for years in process integration of heterogeneous materials including QD-GaN/CMOS, NPs/CMOS, Graphene/CMOS and Organic materials/CMOS. He was the coordinator of the project G-ReRAM on resistive memories using graphene. Currently, he is the PI of a project for the development of new memristive devices for neuromorphic and quantum computing and in a project aiming to the development of nanoelectronic superconducting qubits. He is also the PI of two national industrial projects on the heterogeneous integration GaN RF circuits on Si for 5G and printed conductivity sensors on flexible substrates respectively. He has published more than 75 papers in international peer-reviewed journals (>2000 citations, h-index: 20) and several book chapters. He has 14 invited talks and more than 50 papers in international conference proceeding volumes on the physics and the electrical characterization of SOI devices, novel FET devices, nanoparticle and charge-storage memories, resistive memories, graphene and organic electronic devices. He is the editor of the book series "Charge-trapping nonvolatile memories: Vol.1 -Basic and Advanced Devices" and Vol.2 "Emerging Materials and Structures". Now he is co-editing the book “Metal oxides for Nonvolatile Memories” for Elsevier and he served as the guest editor of the special issues in peer-review journals. He was member of technical program committees and has organized several international conferences and Workshops in Europe and USA and edited their proceedings. He is a Senior Member of IEEE (Electron Devices Society, ISSC), HiPEAC, ACM, Associate Editor in IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine and reviewer in several international journals of AIP, ACS, Springer, Elsevier, IOP and IEEE. Presently, he is with the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (INN/NCSRD) since 2017 where he is Senior Researcher. His research interests are focused on the fabrication, the physics and the characterization of materials and devices in the field of novel memory devices using nanoparticles, organic/inorganic semiconductors, nanowire transistors, novel nanostructured photovoltaics, Graphene nanoelectronics, ReRAMs and memristive devices for AI hardware accelerators as well as quantum devices for qubits and simulators.


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